DIY Halloween Felt Pumpkin Head Set


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Halloween just got more fun with this Felt Halloween Pumpkin Witch to decorate! FUN- This felt Halloween Witch goes along with any holiday decor. Children and adults will find this interesting and fun to decorate. COLORFUL- The Halloween is a time for giving and sharing, the simple decor reminds us the spirit of the season is all about love and joy of being together with your loved ones. A GREAT GIFT FOR LEARNING TOO - This activity is fantastic to practice hand use, vocabulary, hand eye coordination, fine motor skill & color recognition, will be the perfect gift for your little toddler for Halloween. How are they packed? The set is sent folded, when it arrives, you can use an slightly warm iron to make it perfect and ready to hang on a wall or door. What's Included? The base Pumpkin witch and all the accessories you see to decorate. This comes ready to use. What are they made out of? All components are high quality durable felt. It can be hung on a wall or door or play on the floor. They can be put away and reused again year after year. Are they reusable? Yes! You can pack them away and reuse them year after year. Do they stick directly to the wall? This DOES NOT directly stick to the wall. There is a loop at the top you can use to hang it up. You hang it on the wall or door, so nothing gets ruined. Use a hook, a nail or a wreath hanger. The choice is yours. You can also use command strips or double stick tape or tacks to secure it more if you wish. They do not need to stick to the wall for play. The kids also loved using them just layed out on the floor. Who enjoys this?  Perfect for day cares, schools, churches and homes. Great for children over 3 years old. The creative pieces are useful to build and unlock a childs imagination. Please do not allow children to put the felt pieces in their mouth. Please supervise small children.